Traditional pitched timber roof framing carpentery-Surrey
Bronbuild Hersham Walton on Thames, Surrey KT12 4RW UK

traditional pitched timber roof framing carpentry : -

Normally found on older dwellings and dwellings that are being extended. We can design and build for your new home extension, strengthen existing roofs that are structurally unsound.

Timber framing a tried and trusted form of constructing timber roofs, using traditional jointing techniques we can create authentic look. For the bespoke king post truss, queen post truss, chunky load bearing beams internally, oak framing to your ceiling or timber framing to your external walls All fabricated by ye olde time_served city & guilds roofing carpenter. Happy to be using timber as a sustainable source of environmentally friendly raw material which does not cause global warming or require energy intensive processing.

Timber Roof framing examples click image for larger picture