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keeping it simple terms - conditions

daily rates for non priced work

Day Rate Craftsmen - Tradesmen 8am to 5pm from £160 to £225 for qualified craftsmen/tradesmen (depending on skill level required), all GBP.

project progress payments

The wage bill needs to be settled promptly on a weekly basis and the material content needs to be settled on a monthly basis.

Quotations provided by us for construction work is on the understanding the information we receive for pricing purposes fully describes and accurately represents the quantity and quality required.

By employing the essentials of good practice( as recommended by the new rules for measurement) to determine the precise nature and extent of the work required we avoid unnecessary disputes and misunderstanding.

Estimates are just that and could vary by + or - 10%. Quotation is a fixed price for a specified amount of work.

If you wish you can have insurance cover for building defects for a period of between 10-15years at additional cost.